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"Blues in All Flavors" Learning Activities

Introduction to the Learning Activities


1. For the listener, young or old, to ENJOY;

2. The lyrics serve to deliver MESSAGES ABOUT HOW TO LIVE LIFE — to develop positive attitudes, to encourage response/ability, to respect diversity, to promote good health, to love the environment, etc.; and,

3. To share many different flavors/forms of blues music — to show that blues is not always sad and does not always sound the same; to show the RANGE OF BLUES STYLES.


While the songs themselves deliver life lessons, in order to reinforce them, fun learning activities have been created. By being interactive, i.e. hands-on activities, the learners are able to remember the lessons much better.

The activities have been developed to INCREASE CREATIVITY by:

  1. Brainstorming
  2. Observing
  3. Producing creative projects
  4. Ridding boredom & promoting self-enjoyment
  5. Encouraging questioning
  6. Varying approaches
  7. Problem solving
  8. Doing physical activities
  9. Enjoying research. . . etc.

An adjunct objective is that PARENTS and TEACHERS work directly with listeners and HAVE FUN LEARNING!

    • Some activities are for younger listeners, some for older, i.e., AGE APPROPRIATE
    • Some activities relate to the messages/LYRICS of the song and some relate to the MUSIC of the song
    • There are SUPPORTING LINKS in the activities (Note: some of the links have advertisements. We are not sponsored by them and do not support them.)
    • There are VOCABULARY WORDS related to each song
    • A few activities require equipment (e.g., magnifying glass), but most use HOUSEHOLD ITEMS

Learning Activities

1. The Sunshine Shake
Web Page | PDF | Lyrics

2. Blues for the Greens
Web Page | PDF | Lyrics

3. The Cleanest Kid
Web Page | PDF | Lyrics

4. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah
Web Page | PDF | Lyrics

5. Please, Please, Please, Please
Web Page | PDF | Lyrics

6. The Thank You Song
Web Page | PDF | Lyrics

7. Grandma & Grandpa’s House
Web Page | PDF | Lyrics

8. Stop That Bully
Web Page | PDF | Lyrics

9. It Hurts (The Picked Last Song)
Web Page | PDF | Lyrics

10. The Kindness Song
Web Page | PDF | Lyrics

11. Don’t-Be-Moody-Do-Yo’-Duty Song
Web Page | PDF | Lyrics

12. Hand Jivin’
Web Page | PDF | Lyrics

13. The Recycle Song
Web Page | PDF | Lyrics

14. What A Wonderful World
Web Page | PDF | Lyrics