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The Griot

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Gaye Adegbalola
The Griot

Label: Hot Toddy Music & VizzTone Label Group
Release Date: January 18, 2019

1. Nothing’s Changed
2. The Griot
3. Liearrhea
4. FGM (Female Genital Mutilation)
5. Dirty Sheets
6. Nothing’s Changed
7. Kaepernicked
8. Ain’t Technology Grand? [Explicit]
9. Gon’ Be Alright
10. Don’t Criticize Me [Explicit]
11. Nothing Left
12. (There Is Always) One More Time
13. Need a Little Sugar in My Bowl
14. Tea Cake Kind of Love
15. 3 Hour Shoes (Stylin’ for the Lord)
16. Sorry, But… No Shame 17. Jelly Bean Blues

Gaye serves up “topical blues for topical times.” As a griot (gree-oh), she uses her honest vision of the world to record history — as she sees it — in song . . . stories like “(You’re)Flint Water, baby — dirty as you can be;” and I’ve been “Kaepernicked!”— now you are my new Muhammad Ali; and how “I’ll sacrifice my life to stop that FGM” (female genital mutilation); and yet there’s her signature humor in “3 Hour Shoes” and “Liearrhea.”