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Gaye Without Shame

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Gaye Adegbalola
Gaye Without Shame

Release Date: 2008

1. Queer Blues
2. Honest I Do
3. Hungry Woman’s Blues
4. The Great Pretender
5. Meet Me With Your Black Drawers On
6. Boy In The Boat
7. Bareback
8. Hold My Hand, Baby
9. It Hurts Me Too
10. Lying Preacher Blues
11. Twisted Mind Blues
12. Tippin’ On The Down Low
13. Hetero Twinges
14. Step Parent Blues
15. Let It Be Me
16. Deja Vu Blues
17. “Civil Rights vs. Queer Rights” speech
18. I Ain’t Ashamed

View the CD insert booklet for more about this recording. (PDF)

The following copy is from the “one-sheet” written by the producer, Bob Margolin.

Gaye Adegbalola delivers her “Mistresspiece,” Gaye Without Shame. She is of course well-known as a founding member of Saffire – The Uppity BluesWomen. Over 25 years, Saffire built a worldwide following and crossed over beyond Blues to a larger fan base of socially-conscious music lovers of all gender persuasions. Gaye’s three previous solo-artist CD’s set the stage for Gaye Without Shame, her most focused gift of deep Blues, unifying messages, social insight, and her trademark wicked wit. She has reached inside to her life experience and soulful heart for her best singing and songwriting. She’s chosen some classic cover songs but given them her own twist. Her expressive acoustic slide guitar playing is showcased for the first time and this CD also features her first electric Blues band recordings.

Co-producing with Gaye, and contributing bass and guitar to this album, Bob Margolin enthuses: “I was floored by the demo recordings Gaye sent in May 2007. The deep and wide scope of subjects in her songwriting, her social activism, and her fragile-to-ferocious singing made me beg to work with her. Helping her fulfill her ambitious vision is a rewarding labor of love.”

Gaye’s “Queer Blues” opens and tells her story in a friendly, amusing way supported by the New Orleans stylings of Roddy Barnes on piano and Jim Brock on drums. Other originals include the acoustic “Hungry Woman” featuring Gaye’s slide guitar with Bob’s guitar backing. “Boy In The Boat” is a cunning tribute to a pleasing pastime, spiced with DooWop vocals and Bob’s electric slide guitar. “Can’t Ride Bareback” is a call for safe sex, featuring the manly backing vocals of the Trojans and Bob’s electric guitars. “Hold My Hand” is Gaye’s sweet last call, sung with delicate humanity. “Lying Preacher” showcases Gaye’s fiery slide guitar and Bob’s walking bass, and faces religious hypocrisy. “Twisted Mind” is Gaye’s wail of multi-layered betrayal answered by Bob’s electric slide. “Tippin’ On The Downlow” shines a humorous light on folks who fool only themselves. “Hetero Twinges” gets an early R&B electric band treatment, appreciating an attactive man without “seeing straight.” “Deja Vu Blues” is Gaye’s song of how racial and gender discrimination feel “quite the same.”

The bonus tracks, Gaye’s “Civil Rights vs. Queer Rights” speech elaborates further and she closes with the Fredericksburg Freedom singers’ stirring “I Ain’t Ashamed,” affirming her message of overcoming hate, fear, and shame with love, pride, and strength.

Step Parent Blues” was written by Suzanne Moe, and faces a hard family challenge. Other covers are classics, “Honest I Do,” “Meet Me With Your Black Drawers On,” “Let It Be Me,” and “It Hurts Me Too” – all given a new perspective in Gaye’s versions. “The Great Pretender” is turned into a call for an end to transgender discrimination, elevated by the poetry of Cleome, in English and Spanish.

“Gaye Without Shame” is challenging and fulfilling, fun and heartbreaking, and a major statement from the courageous, talented, and loving heart of Gaye Adegbalol

“I am a blues woman. I lay my soul bare. I have no shame. I have always been an activist, but now my weapons of choice are a microphone and my pencils. I want my Blues community to honestly see me, to gain understanding about my struggle for acceptance. I also want my GLBTQ community to experience the universal healing power of the Blues. May we all find PEACE THROUGH MUSIC.” – Gaye Adegbalola