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Blues Vocal Techniques

To sing the blues is to lay your soul bare – to tell a PERSONAL story which is simultaneously a UNIVERSAL story. This workshop focuses on techniques which might enhance the telling of the story – starting with “freeing up” and “energizing.” Other techniques include breathing, phrasing, repertoire, shading, growling, slurring (up and down octaves), dialoging, squeezing notes, nasal sounds, personalizing, and more. This workshop does not address pitch or rhythm. It is an extension of the Homespun DVD by Gaye, “Learn to Sing the Blues”. 2 hours for an introductory workshop; 10 hours to cover dozens of techniques.

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Vocal Performance

This workshop is very student centered. Participants perform and are given immediate feedback in specific areas such as stage presence, pitch, rhythm, body language, believability, projection, the “goosebump” factor, etc. Gaye fosters an environment for all participants to receive and give constructive criticism. By observing each other’s strengths and weaknesses, one is able to learn how to more effectively evaluate one’s own performance. If time permits, performance related topics such as buying a mic, using monitors, overcoming stage jitters, throat remedies, set lists, etc., are discussed. Length of workshop depends on number of participants. 2 hours to 10 hours.

Blues Repertoire

Want to know the blues classics? From “St Louis Blues” to “I Got My Mojo Working”. From Bessie Smith to Muddy Waters. From B.B. King to KoKo Taylor. From Piedmont to Delta blues. From Classic to Contemporary. This workshop is for anyone who loves the blues, but wants to know more songs – the words and the tunes. Dozens of songs that are blues “chestnuts” will be presented and. . . sung by the class. From 2 hours to whatever length is desired, pending the number of songs.

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If you ever had the creative urge to express yourself in song, this workshop will get you started. Or, if you’re already writing songs, this workshop will help you to hone your skills and give you ideas about how to shop your songs.The workshop covers the creative process (the hook, lyrics, melody, chords, structure, etc.), and also the business of songwriting (copyrighting, publishing, royalties, etc.) with handouts about each. This is an overview of the areas mentioned and will run about 3 hours. A week-long workshop is available which includes more exercises and analysis of participants’ songs.

Additional Performance Options