Gaye Solo

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Gaye is a story teller, a modern day griot. Much of her solo material is topical; addressing contemporary social issues, and many of her songs find humor in the pain of one's daily struggles. As written in The Washington Post, her originals are often ". . . songs in which a liberated woman looks on love with the rueful eye of experience and the saving grace of good humor." The intimacy of a Gaye Adegbalola solo performance allows listerners to hear every nuance, every emotion and every turn of phrase clearly. Gaye accompanys herself with guitar, and performs mainly original songs. While some these songs might come from her Saffire repertoire or from her Neo-Classic Blues repertoire, often they are songs which don't fit either incarnation.

Gaye Adegbalola Solo: Big Ovaries, Baby!

Gaye Adegbalola Solo: Deja Vu Blues

Gaye Adegbalola Solo: Queer Blues

Gaye's "Death Letter Blues 2013" -- for Trayvon's Mom

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